Saturday 18 October 2014

PM Modi’s focus on space defence visionary: MD Nalapat (NitiCentral)

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During his address at the Combined Commanders’ Conference 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasised the need for an atmosphere of peace and security that is essential for India to achieve its goals of economic development and his Government has focused on creating a favourable external environment and strengthening India’s security.
PM Modi added that domination of cyberspace will become increasingly important and control of space may become as critical as that of land, air, and sea.
Professor MD Nalapat, speaking to Niti Central, says that the decision of PM Modi emphasising the need for space defence is heartening and the need of the hour. He says that Modi is a 21st century leader. Indian Defence planning has been largely that of 20th century where we have concentrated on tanks, manned aircraft. But today missiles are very important.
New trends in war have been continuously neglected in favour of conventional weapons that were used to fight the second world war.
He adds that drone technology is a befitting example of putting modern technology to good use. US is using drones excessively in its battles, for intelligence gathering, for pin point assault. In a war of the future, with enemies such as ISIS, drones are going to be as important as manned aircraft and unfortunately in India we have not paid such attention to drones.
This aspect of modern warfare has been highlighted by the Prime Minister, which is a positive step.

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