Sunday 26 October 2014

Canada in 26/11 denial on terror attack (Sunday Guardian)

M.D Nalapat is the Editorial Director of The Sunday Guardian.

The killer of 23 October is a strand in the cords which form ISIS, and to isolate this virus and destroy it, every possible strand needs to be located and dealt with.
Police secures an area around Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Wednesday. A soldier, Nathan Cirillo (inset) standing guard at the National War Memorial was shot by an unknown gunman and people reported hearing gunfire inside the halls of Parliament. AP/PTI
fter the 26/11 attackers came ashore in Mumbai and caused havoc for three days in the city, damaging India's reputation as a country skilled in counter-terrorism, the Manmohan Singh government at first declined to name the ISI as being behind the outrage, and claimed that there was no local involvement in the attacks. This was in the face of information that the Chabad House had been reconnoitred by local associates of the Al Qaeda groups patronised by the Pakistan army, and that an informer had even managed to worm his way into the confidence of the young Jewish couple, Rivka and Gabriel Holzberg, who were murdered by the 26/11 killers. As Amartya Sen has constantly reminded the world, ours is a talkative society, and had the government listened to voices other than the "usual sources" relied upon by intelligence agencies, they may have come across traces of the way in which a very few inhabitants of the city were visiting Chabad House, ostensibly to discuss the finer points of inter-faith dialogue with the idealistic young couple staying in the centre with their child, Moshe, who fortunately escaped the murderers of his parents in a miracle made possible by his Indian nanny. No effort was made by the local police to investigate those who visited Chabad House or to check the internet surfing and meeting habits of such individuals to determine whether they could have been informers for the 26/11 killers. Any local connection would have reflected poorly on the city police; hence that agency was diligent in placing the entire blame on the Pakistani teams, who had come ashore that day, an official view which still persists.
The "Lone Wolf" theory of terror attacks has been in vogue across the globe, but in all except a very small number of cases, this is about as credible as Pervez Musharraf's assertion that Abdul Qadir Khan ran a nuke bazaar on his own, without the involvement of the Pakistan army and other sections of that country's establishment. It is another matter that the US continues to protect Islamabad, by not making public information on the A.Q. Khan network that is in its possession, or indeed any except the barest details of the trove of materiel found in Osama bin Laden's hideout in Abbottabad. Terrorists do not simply come out of nowhere, but are nurtured by support groups having the same purpose. However, try telling this to Canada's Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, whose men are insistent that the shooter in the 23 October incident was another of those singletons, coming as if from nowhere. In fact, the terrorist would have had a support network, which identified him, indoctrinated him and motivated him into carrying out his act. That another so-called "Lone Wolf" killed a military officer a short while earlier by running over him seems to have been ignored as a clue pointing to a wider conspiracy.Television channels claim that each such deed is sans any orders from recognised terror organisations, but in saying so, they forget that key organisations have publicly called for sympathisers to carry out such terror attacks. In all probability, the still-concealed support network of the Canadian shooter may be the recipient not simply of appreciation but of much more as a consequence of their motivating another psychotic young person into committing a terrorist act, and each group or individual in contact with the shooter needs to be monitored for sudden inflows or suspicious calls, if the domestic and international support group which nurtured this killer is to be exposed rather than denied.
When ISIS declared its "caliphate", this columnist wrote that the intention was to acquire (a wholly undeserved) legitimacy across the globe, particularly within the GCC, so that malcontents would join up and thereby (in their minds) redeem themselves or finally be part of a titanic endeavour. Such was the psychology which drew millions of Germans — not otherwise known for their lack of rationality — into signing up with Hitler, who promised the same level of hate and brutality which ISIS does. This is 1923 in the evolution of ISIS, and the world needs to avoid another occupation of the Rhineland, the stage when the Nazis became too strong to defeat without prodigious effort. The killer of 23 October is a strand in the cords which form ISIS, and to isolate this virus and destroy it, every possible strand needs to be located and dealt with, rather than allow the world to pretend, Stephen Harper style, that mass murderers within a cult (whether the Nazis or ISIS) do what they do independent of others.

Saturday 25 October 2014

Bharara in damage control mode over Modi summons (Sunday Guardian)

MADHAV NALAPAT  New Delhi | 25th Oct 2014

The US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Preet Bharara, has sought to "cover up his informal involvement in the 25 September issue of summons to Prime Minister Narendra Modi by the Southern District US Federal Court in New York". Apparently anxious that a further expose on his role would be carried on 19 October in continuation of The Sunday Guardian report on Bharara in the issue dated 12 October (Bharara, other US officials 'assisted those behind court-summons to Modi'), the US Attorney in NYC filed papers that day itself before the US Federal Court in the southern district of that city, averring that as Prime Minister, Narendra Modi enjoyed immunity from court proceedings for actions committed by him. In doing so, he was carrying out a request from the US Department of State. However, Bharara made it clear that the legal process would resume, should Modi demit office. The court gave the complainants against the PM 15 days to respond to the State Department's contention of immunity for Modi, thereby indicating that the legal process in the matter is far from over.
An official in Newark claimed that "the lawyer for the American Justice Center (AJC), which filed the case against Prime Minister Modi, was closely known to Bharara". According to them, "Gurpatwant Singh Pannun was chosen by the AJC on the basis of an informal recommendation by Bharara". It needs to be noted that sources familiar with the US Attorney's office aver that Preet Bharara was "not in any way responsible for the case which resulted in the 25 September court summons to Prime Minister Modi". Also, it is a fact that Preet Bharara's financial integrity is known to be impeccable. However, multiple sources allege that he is closely associated with pro-Khalistan elements active in New York.
According to these sources, Bharara's belated effort to show that he was not involved in the case "was motivated by fear that he would go the Preeta Bansal way". The latter was heading the US Commission for International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) in 2005 when she successfully petitioned the Obama administration to deny a visa to then Chief Minister Modi. As a consequence, an effort last month by New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo to appoint her as a judge was abandoned in the face of opposition from the Indian-American community.
Preet Bharara, who has national ambitions and who is claimed to be having the backing of US envoy to the UN, Samantha Power, as well as others such as Huma Abedin, an influential aide to Hillary Clinton, "is in the running for Attorney-General of the United States and therefore wants to avoid any controversy created by the exposure of his informal role in the court summons to Prime Minister Modi", according to a prominent community activist in New York City. The worry among those backing Bharara is that opposition from the Indian-American community may damage his chances for Senate approval for the post of the nation's top law and justice officer, hence that he was "advised to cover his tracks by going to court and seeking to withdraw the summons".
A senior official pointed out that "If the New York Attorney was sincere in his opposition to the summons, he could have gone to the court for its dismissal on 26 September itself, after the White House made clear that Modi had immunity while in office, or at any time during Prime Minister Modi's stay in the US (till 2 October), or during the next two weeks thereafter". Instead, his detractors say, Bharara "rushed into damage control mode only when it became clear that the Indian-American community would oppose any effort to reward him with a top job" because of reports of his clandestine role in the legal proceedings against Prime Minister Modi.
As part of the damage control indulged in by Bharara and other officials formally and informally active in the campaign against Narendra Modi, a report was planted in an influential news portal that reports linking Bharara to the summons were false, "and that this was proved by his 19 October action in going to court to get the summons withdrawn".
Such reports ignored both the State Department role in Bharara's action as well as the US Attorney's close contact with the Sikhs for Justice (SFJ), the Coalition Against Genocide (CAG), as well as the NGO which actually filed the complaint, the AJC. Key officials reiterate that Bharara and other midlevel US officials were active (albeit informally) in assisting those who filed the complaint against Narendra Modi, as reported in The Sunday Guardian two weeks ago, and point out that "the timeline of events clearly shows that the 19 October request for withdrawal of summons was an afterthought motivated by political considerations, so as to avoid the Indian-American community opposing Bharara's nomination to any higher office".
Officials in Washington and New York were, however, unanimous that President Barack Obama was sincere in his desire to establish a close working relationship with Prime Minister Modi, as also senior officials such as Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Secretary of State John Kerry, "all of whom are on the same page as the President in seeking a close and cooperative relationship with an India led by Modi".
That Preet Bharara and unnamed other officials are now seeking to plant stories in sections of the media denying reports of their informal involvement in the episode of the issuance of the 25 September 2014 New York federal court summons to Prime Minister Modi, indicates that the Indian-American community has become a force in US politics, which cannot be ignored the way Bharara has thus far done in his career.

MD Nalapat on Narendra Modi’s Make In India (NitiCentral)

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If India is to be taken seriously as a great power, its economy needs to expand from the present level of $2 trillion to $10 trillion, a fact understood by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This is why he has made ‘Make in India’ his signature tune.
Professor MD Nalapat says that to tap India’s mammoth resources, Prime Minister Narendra Modi need to engage US and achieve the trillion dollar quest.
He adds that India needs put in place a regulatory structure which rather monitors than constricts new investment. Taxes, regulations and interest rates need to be lowered for the economy to boom in a way never seen since 1947.

Wednesday 22 October 2014

PM Modi-power needed for maximum Governance says MD Nalapat (NitiCentral)


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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mantra of ‘Minimum Government, Maximum Governance’ has worked since he assumed office in May 2014. Narendra Modi’s concept of minimum government and maximum governance is said to have changed the way the government functions in his home state of Gujarat , making it more efficient. He describes the model as ‘more of development politics’ and similar to a ‘one day’ cricket match. He has indicated that he is keen to replicate this model at the national level.
Prof MD Nalapat, candidly writing about this in his latest blog, opines that Narendra Modi was elected to power on a break with the Nehruvian “slow speed” past, and for this to happen, not just the PMO but key ministries such as HRD, Defence, Commerce, Energy, Home and Finance need to act as prime movers. So, right now, what India needs is minimum 50 percent of Modipower and key ministers of the Government to contribute at least 50% of the efficiency shown by PM Modi himself.
He adds that in the meantime, what is needed is for the Prime Minister to each day take forward his promise of Minimum Government and Maximum Governance.

Video: NewsX Nation at 9: #PoliticsOfSuicide- Blazing row over Jaya’s ‘reward’

Published on Oct 20, 2014
A day after returning from the Parappana Agrahara prison in Bangalore, former CM and AIADMK supremo J Jayalalithaa announced a solatium of Rs 3 lakh for the families of sympathisers who lost their lives after her conviction on September 27.
According to an official statement from the AIADMK, as many as 193 people have lost their lives.
Expressing her pain at the reports of suicides after her conviction, she announced a solatium of Rs 3 lakh each to the families of 193 people and a relief of Rs 50,000 each for three partymen who were fighting for their lives at a hospital. She also wished them speedy recovery and thanked those who were praying for her early acquittal in the case. A statement issued by Jayalalithaa Sunday also appealed to the cadres to not indulge in any violent activities and suicide attempts.

Video: NewsX Nation at 9: #TaintTest: Yeddy’s taint to test PM’s promise

Published on Oct 21, 2014
Karnataka High Court today allowed the Lokayukta Police probe against BJP National Vice-President B S Yeddyurappa and others, on a petition challenging the Lokayukta Court order dismissing complaints against them in a land denotification case in Shimoga district.

Tuesday 21 October 2014

Video: NewsX Nation at 9: Britain blind to Pak’s terror factory?

Published on Oct 21, 2014
Kashmiri campaign groups in the UK are divided over a planned anti-India rally here to highlight the Kashmir issue with some groups dismissing it as being against the interest of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

The so-called 'Million March' planned from Trafalgar Square to Downing Street on October 26 is being led by Barrister Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry.
While his group claims overwhelming support from various communities, others have dismissed it as against the "national interest of the people of Jammu and Kashmir".

Monday 20 October 2014

Haryana, Maharashtra have voted for development: MD Nalapat (NitiCentral)

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After the Assembly Poll results were announced, BJP stormed to power in Haryana, winning the State for the first time alone since it was formed in 1966.
Urban Maharashtra voted in favour of Bharatiya Janata Party and Shiv Sena in these elections with the former way ahead in the race while Congress, NCP and the MNS were decimated.
In Haryana, with an absolute majority in its favour, the BJP is all set to form a Government of its own. In Maharashtra, where it has fallen short of a majority, it would require an ally, which could likely be the Shiv Sena. BJP secured 122 seats in the 288-Member Maharashtra Assembly.
Speaking exclusively to Niti Central, Professor MD Nalapat says the voters of Haryana have voted for good governance and under the efficient leadership of PM Narendra Modi, have called for a developed and corruption-free State.
Considering how important Maharashtra is for BJP’s political fate, adverse factors like the break-up with Shiv Sena didn’t deter voters to support BJP and shun conventional regionalism.
He adds that in his view, Modi is a nationalist and a true patriot and the debate over regional and national issues should be shunned and work towards a collaborative development for India should be given priority.