Monday 20 October 2014

Haryana, Maharashtra have voted for development: MD Nalapat (NitiCentral)

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After the Assembly Poll results were announced, BJP stormed to power in Haryana, winning the State for the first time alone since it was formed in 1966.
Urban Maharashtra voted in favour of Bharatiya Janata Party and Shiv Sena in these elections with the former way ahead in the race while Congress, NCP and the MNS were decimated.
In Haryana, with an absolute majority in its favour, the BJP is all set to form a Government of its own. In Maharashtra, where it has fallen short of a majority, it would require an ally, which could likely be the Shiv Sena. BJP secured 122 seats in the 288-Member Maharashtra Assembly.
Speaking exclusively to Niti Central, Professor MD Nalapat says the voters of Haryana have voted for good governance and under the efficient leadership of PM Narendra Modi, have called for a developed and corruption-free State.
Considering how important Maharashtra is for BJP’s political fate, adverse factors like the break-up with Shiv Sena didn’t deter voters to support BJP and shun conventional regionalism.
He adds that in his view, Modi is a nationalist and a true patriot and the debate over regional and national issues should be shunned and work towards a collaborative development for India should be given priority.

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