Wednesday 30 May 2018

Petrol, diesel prices fall after 16 straight surge days: Faux Pas or Cruel Joke? (NewsX)

Petrol and diesel prices are at an all time high. Prices have been steadily rising for the last 16 days pinching commuters all across the country. This is having a cascading effect as other commodity prices are rising too. What happened today though has come as the biggest shock to the Aam Aadmi. First they were silent, with no concrete solution and now the Government has played the cruelest joke on the common man. After a fortnight of struggle, the relief offered by the government is a mere 1 paisa. Yes thats right finally a price cut but just of 1 paisa. Whether this is a faux pas or not, is certainly not gone down well with the Aam Aadmi who want concrete action on this issue immediately.

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