Friday 14 July 2017

Today: India-China border stand-off (China Radio International)

In the past month, China and India have been involved in an eye-ball to eye-ball stand-off along their border in the Sikkim section, with shots exchanged in Kashmir across the line of control between Indian and Pakistani forces, leading to the deaths of seven people.The border disputes between China and India, as well as those between India and Pakistan go back a long way.But what makes this current friction different? Will the current crisis pass without further damage caused? And should new mechanisms be put in place to avoid serious conflict in the future? These questions and more in this edition of Today, taking a closer look at border issues in South Asia.
For more on this, CRI's Jingnan speaks with Rong Ying, Vice Precident and senior reserch fellow at the China institute of internatioanl Studies; Zoon Ahmed Khan, Beijing-based Pakistani journalist; On the phone, Madhav Nalapat, Professor of Geopolitics of Manipal University in India.
Please click the following link for the entire programme's recording:

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