Sunday 5 August 2018

Nation at 9: Why should residents of Kashmir have special rights? (NewsX)

The Constitution's Article 35A gives special rights to permanent residents of Jammu and Kashmir, to the exclusion of others. For example, if you are not a permanent resident of J&K - you cannot go live there, you cannot buy property there, you cannot even be hired by the state government there. The BJP-RSS want this Article 35A to be struck down. On the other hand, the Separatists in Kashmir have called for a shutdown warning against nullifying this provision. The Supreme Court is hearing a clutch of petitions on the validity of Article 35A. This is the Nation at 9 Debate on Sunday with Jujhar Singh (NewsX channel). Guests: Sanju Verma (BJP), Sulaiman Muhammad Khan (Congress), Syed Babar Qadri (Kashmiri Lawyer), Prof. Madhav Nalapat (The Sunday Guardian), Lalit Ambardar (Kashmiri Pandit Activist) and AK Bajpayee (Lawyer). 

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