Tuesday 12 December 2017

US, Japan and South Korea conduct military drills (CGTN)

Aegis warships from the US, Japan and South Korea will conduct a computer simulation to follow ballistic missiles using radar and exchange intelligence with each other. Tensions have surged on the Korean Peninsula after the November 29 launch of the Hwasong-15 ICBM, which the DPRK claims could deliver a "super-large heavy warhead" anywhere on the US mainland. Pyongyang has described the exercises as US President Donald Trump “begging for a nuclear war.” Meanwhile, the foreign ministers of Japan, Australia and India are meeting in New Delhi. Can the US break the vicious cycle on the Korean Peninsula with new alliances? We turn to our panel to find out: Rong Ying, Vice President of CIIS, China Institute of International Studies; Sharon Squassoni, Director and Senior Fellow, Proliferation Prevention Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies; Yuki Tatsumi, Senior Associate and Director of the Japan program at the Stimson Center; Madhav Nalapat, UNESCO Peace Chair and Director of the Geopolitics and International Relations Department at Manipal Academy of Higher Education.

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