Friday 29 December 2017

President Trump will trump his foes? (Pakistan Observer)

Geopolitical Notes From India | M D Nalapat

THE Washington Establishment — otherwise known as the Beltway – got it completely wrong on Donald John Trump, the 45th President of the United States. They belittled his talents and magnified his faults, continuing to believe that the candidate who unfairly deprived the real (although “complaisant”) challenger Bernie Sanders of the Democratic Party nomination would win the November 8,2016 elections. The Clintons remain the most formidable political family in the US, and have their tentacles in much of the Federal bureaucracy, because of the way in which they operate to promote the careers of loyalists and blight the fortunes of those opposed to them.
The only Washington group that could pose a challenge to the Clinton mutual support system are those Beltway residents who have married spouses of Chinese origin. These spouses form a formidable club of sisters in the capital of what is still the most influential country on the globe, and work ceaselessly to protect the interests and careers of those of their husbands who have found themselves in a rough patch. Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader, is among the most prominent of those who have married ethnic Chinese, and in his case, his Taiwanese wife Elaine Chao is every bit as famous as he himself is, being a member of past and even the present Cabinet of the US President.
Ms Chao has strong connections with the Chinese diaspora across the world, a pool of immensely successful individuals who are being tapped by Chinese President Xi Jinping to ensure the success of his epochal Belt & Road Initative. It may be mentioned that the Clintons are close friends with several top notch individuals in the Chinese diaspora, exactly as they are with leadership elements in the Indian diaspora. The Clinton code is to “help those who help”, which is very different from those politicians who greedily accept help from others but decline to reciprocate in the slightest. The Washington Beltway staved off an embarrassing probe into the wy in which it is meshed with the Clintons by ensuring that all investigations into the Clinton Foundation were stopped, even as the enquiry to dig up evidence which could lead to the impeachment of President Trump has continued at high speed. Special Counsel Robert Mueller knows that Watergate Inquisitor Kenneth Starr became an object of ridicule when he failed to engineer the removal of Bill Clinton, and wants to avert that fate by being the first Special Counsel to ensure the successful impeachment of a US President.
The entire Beltway (led by the Clinton cohort) has been working on overdrive to ensure that bits and pieces of “evidence” get discovered that collectively can get used to build up a case that Trump was what Hillary Clinton accused him publicly of being, a “puppet of Vladimir Putin”. A charge that is monstrous in its mendacity but believed by millions across the globe because of the communications network of the anti-Trump establishment. Across the world, chancelleries refused to believe that Trump would win, and since November 8,2016 are being told by the Washington Beltway that “it is only a matter of months” before Trump quits through impeachment, a process that will begin only if the Democratic Party secures a majority in the House of Representatives and Senate, or if Special Counsel Mueller can meet the expectation of his admirers are cook up a credible case of obstruction of justice and treason against Donald Trump. Ironically, what Putin is being accused of doing in the 2016 US elections is exactly what Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton did to several countries during her tenure, when social media and street power was promiscuously used by the Obama administration to ensure the harassment if not the defeat of those leaders who refused to obey the wishes of the Washington establishment. Hillary Clinton crossed a red line when she, together with the Soros and Omidyar Foundations ( both of which are very active in South Asia ) engineered the defeat of the Moscow-friendly Ukrainian President, replacing him with a mafia don similar to the mafiosi types that the Clinton administration backed in Moscow after Mikhail Gorbachev ensured the fall of the Soviet Union through his blind belief in his ability to survive the destruction of his party the way Chairman Mao was strengthened after the Old Guard of the Chinese Communist Party was eliminated during the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution.
From then onwards, Russian-speaking Ukrainians worked in cyberspace to slow down Hillary Clinton’s rise to power. They were joined ( without each other’s knowledge) by Democratic Party loyalists upset at the underhand way in which Bernie Sanders had been deprived of his victory over Hillary Clinton. The two streams ensured a series of setbacks in the Clinton campaign, all of which it is now Mueller’s task to pin on the shoulders of Donald John Trump, even through the current US President was not in this toxic loop in the slightest. Meanwhile, Trump is working to fulfil his poll promises, unlike so many other politicians. Ignoring poll numbers, Trump has cut taxes and blocked entry into the US for those he sees as being less than committed to the values of the world’s most powerful country.
The mist and fog of disinformation against him may combine with some of the elitist policies of Republican House and Senate members to reduce their number in 2018, but overall, it will remain a daunting task even for Robert Mueller to create a lethal conspiracy out of the mass of hot air that is all the circumstantial evidence he has to work on. The odds are that Trump will last his term, and if the Clintons continue to dominate the Democratic Party, will win a second term. The way in which Hillary and Bob Clinton are keeping the Trump banner afloat gives the reason why the US President has let both off the hook so far as the funding of the Clinton Foundation is concerned.

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