Sunday, 20 September 2015

Iran an Indispensable Partner in Fighting Wahhabi Terrorism Cancer

[Prof. Madhav Das Nalapat @ International Congress of 17000 Iranian Terror Victims - 2015] 

 “Some countries believe that terrorism is something that can be used and can be useful to them and they forget that terrorism is something that it may be useful in the short run, but in the medium and long run it will kill them as well,” said an Indian distinguished academic and columnist. “Unfortunately, some people and some countries believe they can use terrorism for very selfish purposes,” said Professor Madhav Nalapat during the scientific session of the 2nd International Congress of 17000 Iranian Terror Victims. Held on August 31, 2015 at the International Islamic Republic of Iran Conference Hall, the 2nd International Congress of 17000 Iranian Terror Victims gathered a group of Iranian and foreign researchers to discuss the issues related to terrorism and terrorist groups. “I am a friend of the western world, but as a friend I would also like to be honest about some of the mistakes made by the western world and on Wahhabism,” he added. “The western world has made some very bad mistakes. Long ago, it used Wahhabism against Turkey. Then it used Wahhabism against Arab nationalists. Then it used Wahhabism against the Russians. And today Wahhabism has become a monster that is threatening the West.” Referring to the Wahhabism as “terrible cancer of Wahhabi terrorism,” director of the Geopolitics and International Relations Department of Manipal University said, “When a cancer invades a body, the body can never remain healthy.” “Daesh is using bullets, ammunition in the hundreds of millions of dollars. All these are coming from somewhere. Where is the money coming from? Where are the bullets coming from? Where are the heavy weapons coming from? None of them are made by Daesh. They are being used by Daesh,” Nalapat said, adding that it is very important for every country that says it is fighting a war on terrorism to identify whose money is funding money, whose weapons are giving power to Daesh, because those who are doing this are committing sin against humanity. He went on to accentuate the role Iran played in the fight against ISIS, and said, “the people of Iran have been fighting Daesh in a brave way. As a scholar who studies these things, I am very convinced that if Iran had not been helping in Syria by now Daesh would have been in Damascus and could have been possibly in Baghdad but for the fact that Iran and the brave Iranian people have given very strong support to Syria and Iraq against this grave danger of Daesh.” “Iran is an indispensible partner in the war against global Wahhabism in the war against Wahhabi terror,” he continued. “Iran is indispensible now as Russia was indispensible in the 20th Century.” “So again I repeat, I’ve come here because you are an indispensible partner in this terrible conflict we are fighting with a terrible enemy, the cancer of Wahhabi terrorism.” 

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