Friday 12 September 2014

Video: NitiCentral ISIS can be stopped by a global coalition: Prof MD Nalapat

Recently, 300 people in the Maldives' capital city Male marched down its main thoroughfare waving black flags of the Islamic State. They chanted slogans against democracy and held banners that read "Shariah is the only solution". They ended their protest with a prayer offering support to ISIS.

In conversation with Niti Central, Prof MD Nalapat says that it's not only about Maldives, but ISIS's extremist line of thought is catching up across western Asia and the world. The reach of ISIS has increased so much because it has been encouraged to do so with enormous funding, large caches of weaponry and of course the mental support. He also said that India is facing a threat from Al-Qaeda, and unfortunately this kind of propaganda is finding acceptance in many youth across the country.

Prof Nalapat added that there should be a global coalition against this kind of extremist terror. Since Al-Qaeda and ISIS have declared a war against the world, we should accept that and declare a war against them. India has got military assets, intelligence capabilities and should join hands with other countries to fight ISIS and its growing extremism.

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