Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Audio: India-Japan partnership - Modi not only promises, he delivers: MD Nalapat, NitiCentral

Speaking exclusively to Niti Central, senior journalist Prof. MD Nalapat says being a man of post Nehruvian foreign policy era, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given Japan the attention it deserved for a long time and also a boost to Indian economic growth. He adds that India’s foreign policy has now moved on from being an elite-to-elite job to a comprehensive, strategic and engaging foreign policy. The policy matrix in India for a long time has been disorganised and complex that has evaded both the countries to make a break-through in each other economies.
Prof. Nalapat also explains that Prime Minister Modi delivers what he promises and that’s what makes him different from his predecessors. PM Modi isn’t talking about competition but complementarity. A major power like India must take what the world has to offer. Modi has put forward a enlightened ‘India-First’ foreign policy. Japan and India are run by two Prime Ministers who are not only close to each other but close to their own countries. So, there’s every hope that a true strategic partnership will form between New Delhi and Tokyo.

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