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December 2, 2012 

Those who fought elections big winners, says analyst

p3g Those who fought elections big winners, says analyst
Prof M D Nalapat
KUWAIT: The candidates who took up the challenge of democracy and contested the parliamentary elections are the big winners while those who sought to boycott elections are big losers, said a geopolitical analyst here yesterday.
Prof M D Nalapat, who was an election observer from India during the closely-watched Kuwait parliamentary election that took place on Saturday, told the Kuwait Times that he is quite happy with the outcome of the polls. “As a consequence of the election, the National Assembly has become more balanced. The earlier system enabled and organized minority to capture seats disproportionately to the unorganized majority,” said Prof Nalapat, who is a professor of Geopolitics at Manipal University, India . “Across the world, the trend is to vote for a single candidate.
Either it should be voting for one candidate or 10. Putting a limit of four makes no sense. Hence today, those who took up the challenge of democracy and contested elections have been the big winners while those who avoided democracy through boycott are the big losers,” Prof Nalapat pointed out. It is good for Kuwait if the newly-elected Assembly lasts a full term and also ensures economic growth and sound justice in the country, he mentioned. Prof Nalapat is also UNESCO Peace Chair and a renowned academician.
The former Coordinating Editor of the Times of India, Prof Nalapat writes extensively on security matters and international affairs, and is a columnist for the Sunday Guardian and the Pakistan Observer. Elaborating further his point of view, he said, the US politics shows the harm done when rival political groups consider themselves to be enemies. As a consequence, policy gets paralyzed.
The same thing happened in Kuwait after the February 2012 elections when many legislators opposed everything that the government did.
In a democracy, there should be no enemies, and in matters of public welfare, there should be united action. “I have full confidence that His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al- Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah will nominate a Cabinet that is talented, hardworking and honest so that Kuwaitis get the government they deserve,” he added.
By Sajeev K Peter, Kuwait Times Staff

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