Saturday, 15 December 2012

Who sights victory in Syria? (PO)

M D Nalapat

Friday, December 14, 2012 - From the beginning three centuries ago of the faith, Wahabbism has been nurtured by European powers and their offshoots across the Atlantic. The reason is simple. The Wahabbi worldview and its intellectual component render an individual unable to compete with those having a western mindset. Wherever Wahabbism has established its dominance, technology has shrivelled and the affected region has been made into a desert where schooling becomes such as to render an individual unable to compete with peers across the globe.

It is no accident that only societies which are moderate are those which make rapid progress in science and the arts, while fanatic societies of the form seen under the Wahabbis remain backward. Recognizing the corrosive effect of Wahabbism on young minds, and the fact that this will render them unable to compete in any productive sphere, it is not a surprise that the powers which together have banded together in the form of NATO support Wahabbism abroad while dealing with it harshly in their own countries. Throughout the Middle East, the NATO powers are friendliest with those who have a form of social and political organisation which would be seen as toxic within the NATO bloc. The “Arab Spring” has been seen as an opportunity to complete the George W Bushproject of re-ordering the Middle East so as to eliminate all regimes which are less than fully respectful of NATO concerns. Such a transformation is being sought in alliance with the Wahabbis, including those who call themselves by another name, but who in fact have a chemistry that is congruent with Wahabbism.

In Turkey, the Erdogan administration has succeeded in presenting itself as a modern, moderate force even while imposing through stealth a policy of what may be desribed as “creeping Wahabbism” on the country. In Egypt, Mohammad Morsi sought to speed the process up, thereby revealing his true intentions in a way that Erdogan has managed to avoid. The result has been abacklash within the overwhelming majority of the Egyptian population, which is moderate. NATO powers peddle a myth, although not openly. This is that Muslims by nature are fanatic, and are the same as the Wahabbis. The reality is that Islam is a moderate faith, which is only to be expected from followers of the Word of God, which stresses Mercy, Beneficience and Compassion again and again and again.

The difficulty facing the NATO powers is that they already face a huge competitive challenge from South Korea, Japan and China. Should India be enabled to challenge them in their markets as well, followed by the versatile and talented people in Muslim-majority countries, then the era of the dominance of Europe and its overseas offshoots would truly be over. In the case of India, they have succeeded in infiltrating into the decision-making mechanism so comprehensively that government policies in India have become the biggest barrier to growth. In addition, whenever a major project gets started or is on the cusp of going online, numerous Public Interest Litigations and public agitations get started, with the effect of strangling such development. The huge Tata Nano plant in West Bengal, which would have generated a total of 130,000 new jobs in that state, became the victim of such tactics. Recently, just when it was about to go operational, a slew of NGOs with obvious foreign participation launched an agitation which

has delayed the commissioning of a nuclear power plant that would have greatly reduced the power deficit in Tamil Nadu state. A hidden hand is working efficiently in India to make the country and its business class unable to mount a serious effort at competition with manufacturers based in NATO member-states. In countries with a Muslim majority, the secret weapon is Wahabbism. By ensuring that this strand of theology becomes dominant, the effect is to kill innovation and enterprise incountries with a young and agile population.

Although the US has made a cosmetic gesture, that of declaring the Al Nusra front in Syria a terrorist organisation, the Obama administration has made zero effort at ensuring that the flood of weapons and money to this organisation stop. The reality is that the so-called “Free Syrian Government” recognized by the NATO powers has no control whatsover over the battlefield in Syria. The mainly Wahabbi fighters have contempt for the Syrian expatriates who congregate in Paris (which has been chosen as the Lead Power in Syria by NATO because it was that country’s colonial master and now seeks to resume the role of overlord, the way Italy has in alliance with itspartners in Libya). However,they profess to respect them, because this is the only way in which they can get the cash and weapons needed to impose Wahabbi rule in Syria.

The British Foreign Secretary and others who claim that they are expecting these fighters to respect civilian lives are lying and they know it. Daily, Alawite and Christian women are abducted by these fighters and forced into prostitution. Neither BBC nor CNN is reporting on the way in which Syrian women are now being trafficked, because of the NATO-Wahabbi alliance and its war on the Bashar Assad regime. Such coverage would expose the true face behind the Syrian intervention, which is to ensure that Wahabbism establish itself in Damascus, so that young Syrians would get intellectually handicapped from ever competing with peers from within the NATO bloc. The name of the game is the elimination of future competition, so that a second front does not get created in the global marketplace for the NATO powers at a time when they are losing the battle against East Asia. In this game, India is already being hobbled, as mentioned, by ensuring skewed policies that hurt domestic businesses and give undue advantage to NATO-bloc companies.

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