Saturday 27 August 2022

Wuhan collaborator Fauci bids adieu (The Sunday Guardian)

A safe perch in the US Senate made Joseph Robinette Biden Jr a trifle unaware of the need to ensure correctness in politics, and not just what is termed “political correctness”. Biden was a loyal supporter of President Bill Clinton in all but one of his adventures, the exception being the attachment that the then US President had with a vivacious intern, Monica Lewinski. Whatever his other shortcomings, Biden is 100% a family man, who was devoted to his first spouse and devastated by her passing together with two of their children. That pain, it is obvious, still lingers, although the light in the darkness was the appearance of his second wife, Jill, in his life. She has proved a healing influence, enabling the youngest US Senator who later became the oldest US President to concentrate on the brutal business of politics in his country and yet return to a calm atmosphere at home. Jill Biden is a doctor of medicine, but it is not that training which has proven invaluable in taking care of her husband, but her warmth. A feeling that the First Lady of what remains the most significant country in the world carries into a sphere far larger than her family, plunging into activities with empathy that assist the disadvantaged. There has been (entirely justified) criticism of President Joe Biden in these columns, but at no stage was it said, or can truthfully be said, that he is anything other than that disappearing species, a decent human being. As President of the US, Biden has accumulated a sizeable roster of errors, among the most egregious being his withdrawal of all US assistance to the Afghan government in his rush to implement the Instrument of Surrender agreed to by his predecessor at Doha. The way in which the US abandoned its Afghan ally and the people of Afghanistan, especially children, women and moderates, to the Taliban is a shameless act that will continue to be used in classrooms to exemplify how low a government can go in its desire to escape from the coils of its commitment to an ally.
In the columns of this newspaper, incoming President Biden had been warned that to continue with the services of Anthony Fauci, who has excelled in recent years as a salesperson for select vaccine manufacturers, would be to court the obloquy of the public. With his usual tin ear where public opinion was concerned, Biden continued with Fauci. Small wonder that instead of eliminating the virus that escaped from a lab in Wuhan in 2019, SARS 2 has accelerated its spread in the US. This is despite the Fauci-recommended expenditure of tens of billions of dollars on the purchase of vaccines by the now retired infectious diseases specialist. Whether it be the smallpox or the polio vaccine, they worked. What is clear from the branded vaccines Fauci publicly peddled is that they have proved an ineffective barrier to getting infected or re-infected with Covid-19. Given the hurry with which they went from lab to pharmacist, that was no surprise. Biden trusted Fauci to continue the work of protecting the population of the US against Covid-19 even after it was clear that the benefactor of the Wuhan Institute of Virology had played a major role in covering up the culpability of that institution in the origin of the disease, not the only bad choice that the 46th President of the US made in selecting members of his administration. Given that Fauci was known to be in favour of the example of lifelong employment in a government agency set by J. Edgar Hoover, it would appear that finally the US President got the memo about the toxicity that the retention of the controversial collaborator of the WIV was generating among voters. Joe Biden wants a second term in office, and a bit late, he is understanding that there are limits to the patience of the population of the US towards the errors made by the occupant of the White House. The hysteria created during the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdowns and suspension of activity that was the result of the measures taken to eliminate it caused much damage. It has therefore been proving difficult for the vaccine salesmen within the US Government to continue to force the public to undergo the restraints and other tribulations that they were victim to in 2020 and in some countries (although not India) even in 2021. Biden campaigned on a promise of change, but continued with several of the errors made by Trump, such as the plan to scoot away from Afghanistan in the manner that he did, or to retain Fauci even as Trump had throughout his term. After campaigning on the promise of looking after the underprivileged in the US, Biden is pouring money into Ukraine while at the same time doing far less to assist countries such as India and Taiwan that are on the frontline of the ongoing battle for supremacy with China. If the Democratic Party manages to hold on to its majority in the House of Representatives and to win a majority in the Senate, it will be because the mistakes made by the Republican side outweigh the unpopularity of President Biden.

Wuhan collaborator Fauci bids adieu

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