Sunday 23 January 2022

Six months may decide Biden legacy (The Sunday Guardian)

 During his disastrous 2020 re-election bid, President Donald Trump’s most consequential error where the media is concerned was the fact that he was the face of the response of the US government to the Covid-19 pandemic. There were numerous press conferences during which he appeared alongside the Usual Suspects where the Covid-19 saga is concerned—Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx and others who favoured the PRC-WHO prescription of harsh lockdowns to cure countries of the pandemic. His lack of knowledge of public health was exposed to public view, such as his suggestion that bleach could be injected into the human body. This may take care of the novel coronavirus, but it would also take away the life of the injected individual. President Trump came across as a clumsy clown, and the wry, obviously contemptuous faces of Fauci and his acolytes only added to this perception. All that Joe Biden had to do in order to gain an edge over his opponent was to remain indoors silently contemplating the ceiling of his basement, while Trump faced a battery of less than respectful press persons trying to pass off as an expert in disease control. Most voters were in shock about the extent of Trump’s ignorance of public health, as revealed in numerous press appearances on the pandemic. Ironically, President Trump overall had a better common-sense view of the Covid-19 pandemic than his successor. He sensed early on that lockdowns did more harm than good, and that large-scale lockdowns were ultimately useless in preventing the spread of the pathogen, for which China was so generously funded by the US taxpayer. Gain of Function research designed to convert an otherwise natural pathogen into something deadly for human beings is a crime against humanity, and it is a symptom of the myopia that afflicts human rights movements across the world that this has been ignored by them. Should those in the US who were instrumental in funding such research in Wuhan and possibly elsewhere in China be held accountable for their criminal act, there would finally be accountability for a pandemic that has already plunged hundreds of millions of people into poverty, and millions more into the grave. Joe Biden was elected as the opposite of Trump, yet promptly appointed Trump’s advisor on Covid-19 as his own. That was a vote-killing move, if ever there was one. Another was the manner in which the Presidential Commission set up by Biden in 2021 to investigate the origins of the pandemic came up (at least if public reports are correct) with conclusions that were almost the same as those reached by the WHO, an institution that is not as respected since 2020 as it once was. Judging by its messaging on Covid-19, the WHO functioned almost as a wing of the health authorities in Beijing, parroting their views in supposedly “independent” reports. If the shameful manner of the withdrawal from Afghanistan convinced the US military that Biden was unfit to serve as their Commander-in-Chief, the tepid and wholly inconclusive conclusions reached by the commission that President Biden set up to investigate the origins of Covid-19 seemed to confirm the conclusions reached by many after reports emerged of PRC generosity to Hunter Biden that the 46th President was yet another aficionado of the Chinese Communist Party, a conclusion that is somewhat unfair to a man who has to an extent sought to protect the US and its allies from the rampages that are being orchestrated by CCP General Secretary Xi Jinping. The problem facing Biden is that he is not seen as consistent. On China, his actions are both hot and cold, while he has made Beijing very happy by once again shifting the primary focus of US attention to Russia. Just as 9/11 and the subsequent War on Terror switched the focus of attention in Washington from Beijing, the pandemic has shifted the spotlight from the problems caused by Xi Jinping’s ambitions to the pandemic unleashed from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), a fact that even those elsewhere in the world who have been complicit in the WIV Gain of Function and other bio-hazard experiments are finding difficult to conceal for much longer. Of course, Anthony Fauci has a backer in Joe Biden, who is apparently unaware of the political costs of standing by those in the US who supported such research in the PRC. Although the Covid-19 pandemic has benefitted the CCP substantially in the way it has diverted international attention from its activities, it is not certain that the transmission of the lab-created virus variant from the WIV lab into the community was deliberate. This is in contrast to the initial disinformation fed through the WHO that Covid-19 was not transmissible, and the manner in which flights were permitted to take off from Wuhan and other affected locations in the PRC to international destinations. This single action has led to the evaporation of huge tranches of goodwill within the world for the PRC. President Joe Biden has about six months left to recover his popularity. Should he fail to, the Democratic Party is likely to lose the House of Representatives together with the Senate, which would be a killer blow to the Biden legacy.


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