Sunday 10 April 2022

US, EU and UK follow the Pied Piper of Kiev (The Sunday Guardian)

 Clearly not many adults in that continent remember the story, but European children have heard the tale of the Pied Piper, who by playing his flute was able to lure all of a particular life form within Hamelin to a cliff overlooking the sea. In seconds, they began falling to their doom, even as the piper played on his flute, finally driving all the lot over the precipice. Fast forward to 2022, when NATO is sleepwalking in the direction that the Pied Piper of Kiev leads the alliance in taking. The Ukrainian government from the start seeks from NATO that it ensures that the Russian Federation and its population suffer the torment of complete meltdown. President Zelenskyy regards admission into NATO and the application of Article 5 as the only chance of avoiding the fate that President Putin seems to have in store for Ukraine. Zelenskyy and his ministers and officials appear shocked that the atrocity upon atrocity that the government in Kiev assures was carried out by Russian troops has thus far failed to prod NATO into sending troops and aircraft into the air and land borders of Ukraine. Even the Bucha massacre, which was revealed to the world by Ukrainian forces only three days after Russian forces had left the city on March 30, failed to drag NATO into entering the battlefield directly. Zelenskyy and others from Kiev have predicted that still greater massacres await disclosure. Their expectation is that the discovery of further “proofs of genocide” would bring NATO forces directly onto the battlefield. Kiev wants nothing less than NATO putting hundreds of thousands of boots on the ground. Not to forget hundreds of aircraft and thousands of projectiles to be launched by NATO to ensure that a No Fly Zone for Russians gets created across Ukraine. After all, something done so easily in Iraq or Libya, why not in Ukraine, which is well on track to becoming a European version of 1980s Afghanistan? The warlike words of the Secretary-General of NATO must make Zelenskyy and those who claim to work under him confident that finally the next atrocity, the next tranche of punitive sanctions on the Russian Federation, would generate momentum sufficient to push NATO over the cliff edge of a kinetic war with the Russian Federation. Eager for this outcome to come true, the increasingly impatient and testy flutist in Kiev continues to play the flute with its plaintive tones to parliaments across the western world. The hope is that his calls would drive governments within this openly Russophobic military alliance towards more measures that would escalate already unprecedented tensions with the world’s most advanced nuclear weapons state. Those in authority in Kiev regard as essential that NATO send combat aircraft manned by EU “volunteers” and Ukrainians to take out Russian forces.

NATO has made it clear to the rest of the world that it considers the Russian Federation as the enemy, exactly as the alliance regarded the Soviet Union during the days of the US-USSR Cold War. Efforts are being made to rope in the PRC on the side of the US-EU-UK coalition, recreating the alliance between Beijing and Washington against Moscow that lasted until 2010. The world has entered the era of Cold War 2.0, which is between the US plus and the PRC plus, hence it is confusing to countries in Asia that this memo seems to have been lost in transit while making its way to the White House. NATO is in no way anxious to contest the accelerating efforts of CCP General Secretary Xi Jinping to establish the PRC’s dominance over the Indo-Pacific. The neo-Atlanticist powers, snug in their Cold War 1.0 foxhole, would rather concentrate on Russia rather than on China as their enemy of choice. They are refreshing in their honesty, for they make no secret of NATO’s intention to melt down the Russian Federation. NATO presumably accepts what Russophobic Ukrainian interlocutors have talked about for decades, which is that Russians are not really “European” in the way that Ukrainian-speaking people are. The Kremlin has made it clear that an existential conflict, which is exactly what NATO is now openly waging against the Russian Federation, would be met with overwhelming force from the Russian side. NATO’s march towards the cliff edge continues.

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