Monday 1 April 2019

Apprehend the ‘Hindu Terror’ mythmakers (Organiser)

By M D Nalapat

On February 19, 2007 powerful blasts killed nearly six dozen passengers and guards travelling from India to Pakistan on the Samjhauta Express. The blasts occured near Panipat without any prior warning. The only India-Pakistan train service had been launched on July 22, 1976 in the glow of the 1971 victory of the combined Indian Army and the Mukti Bahini over the genocidal troops of the Pakistan army stationed in that territory. Although the former had inflicted a comprehensive defeat on the latter, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi heeded the entreaties of Prime Minister ZA Bhutto of Pakistan (who had repeatedly called for a thousand year war with India, besides other unflattering epithets describing this country and its people) and allowed each of the 93,000 Pakistan army Prisoners of War to return to their stations in Pakistan without any of them having to face charges of genocide before a court comprising of Indian and Bangladeshi military personnel assisted by human rights activists.

Neither was there any serious effort from the Indian side to ensure that Prime Minister Bhutto agree to the ceasefire along the Line of Control in Jammu & Kashmir as the recognised boundary, together with the return of Haji Pir to India after it had been given away to Pakistan at Tashkent in 1965. Nor was any effort made to free the many prisoners (including members of the armed forces) who had been incarcerated and tortured in jails in Pakistan for long periods of time, some of whom may still have survived to the present even under such atrocious conditions. India lost at the negotiating table all that had been won by this country’s army, navy and air force on the battlefield, and got in exchange nothing except a whiff of Shalimar perfume from Prime Minister Bhutto. Once he was deposed and executed by Chief of Army Staff Zia-ul-Haq, who made frequent use of the Samjhauta Express for ferrying operatives and communications gear across the border to ISI elements in India who were in the process of launching the Khalistan Movement that would create mayhem in the Punjab for more than a decade. As has been the case in India with several events involving national security, an enquiry was launched that meandered along on a lazy course, despite evidence that the blast had been carried out on the instructions of GHQ Rawalpindi, using local recruits and material. After a comprehensive enquiry conducted on its own, the United States Department of the Treasury sanctioned a Pakistan national, Arif Qasmani, for inter alia being among the perpetrators of the blasts that took place on the Samjhauta Express two years back.

As a consequence of briefings received from international sources disturbed at the speed with which Pakistan was becoming an endemic focus of terror on the globe, The Sunday Guardian has over the years carried multiple reports on a plan developed and carried out by GHQ Rawalpindi. In order to divert global attention away from itself, GHQ Rawalpindi put into operation a plan to create a perception that India too had become a terror hub. In particular, that the terror gangs were from the majority community. This plan is in operation even at the present time, with the worldwide network of ISI agents of influence (including select NGOs) busy planting the myth that India is a country where Hindu gangs murder and kill the same way as Wahabbi groups do in Pakistan and Afghanistan. More than a few of the attacks on Christian churches and the killings of Muslims accused of keeping or trading in beef have been carried out by what was termed by Vladimir Lenin as “useful idiots”. These are individuals who carry out the wishes of the ISI without knowing that this is the organisation pulling the strings. Several in fact believe that they are acting against the ISI when they carry out acts of violence. The reality is that they have been motivated by “false flag” recruiters who conceal the fact that they are acting on behalf of GHQ Rawalpindi. Trackers of Pakistan-based terror masterminds say that around a sixth of the recruitments made by the ISI in India are from Hindu or other non-Muslim communities, while another fifth consist of “useful idiots” from the same social group. These perform in the manner demanded by the ISI without most of them being aware of the involvement of that organisation in the planning of their activities. Some of the agents and superiors of the ISI occupy positions of responsibility within cities in India, and are in a position to influence policymakers to commit actions that in effect assist the ISI in its operations in India. These may be divided into two broad streams:
(a) Standard terror operations across the country
(b) False flag terror operations (such as some cases involving the murder of those suspected of transporting or storing beef) designed to assist the global campaign of the ISI to spread the myth that India is in the grip of a wave of “Hindu terror” and ought to be placed in the same category as Pakistan
Two countries track events and personalities in Pakistan far more in detail than do agencies based in India. These are China and the United States. Individuals in both became aware of the plan developed by GHQ Rawalpindi at the start of 2007 to damage the reputation of India by portraying the Majority Community as a collection of violent fanatics. This from a country whose minority population has declined from 38% of the population in 1947 to less than 2% now, while in India, those within the citizenry who are not Hindu by faith have crossed 200 million, three times what they were on the day Jawaharlal Nehru correctly said that he and his associates had redeemed their pledge to the people, but “not wholly or in full measure”, a characterisation that has remained accurate through the decades since that remark was made on August 15,1947. Based on inputs provided by trackers of GHQ-inspired terrorism who are based outside the country, The Sunday Guardian warned repeatedly in its columns that the ISI was in the process of implementing an operation designed to portray India’s majority community as having almost as many terrorists within their midst as Wahabbi groups in Pakistan.
It is likely that the Samjhauta blast was carried out by the ISI precisely because most of the victims would be Pakistani nationals, and hence it would be credible were Islamabad to deny that its agencies had any hand in the outrage. In tandem, networks in India were tasked with launching “False Flag” operations, so that members of the Hindu community could get blamed for carrying out acts of terror. It needs to be emphasised that a few such actions (though not the Samjhauta blasts) may have been carried out by “useful idiots” of the ISI recruited by those who camouflaged themselves as being patriots. However, these would have been insignificant in number when compared to the mayhem unleashed by Wahabbi groups Investigations into the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai were marked by the reluctance of elements in the higher levels of the Home Department of the State of Maharashtra to acknowledge that there were local elements who had assisted the death squads that had come ashore from Pakistan to carry out the attacks. Information about each of the locations that were attacked was provided by members of the networks supporting ISI activities in Mumbai. Despite denials from Islamabad, it was soon obvious to trackers based in New York that the operation was carried out by the ISI. However, even the capture of Ajmal Kasab was not sufficient to convince some high profile individuals in Delhi and Mumbai that the military in Pakistan was behind the attack. Some even blamed Indian agencies on the grounds that “the attacks were carried out by Indian agencies to defame Pakistan”. Such individuals are clearly the “useful idiots” of the ISI.
However, the manner in which a clutch of officials and politicians concocted the nursery tale of “Hindu Terror” gives rise to the supposition that at least some within this group of creators of the fantasy of “Hindu Terror” could have been willing agents (as distinct from dupes) of the ISI. It is astonishing that the BJP-led government that took office on May 26, 2014 has not so far done any enquiry into the cabal of officials and politicians who spun the web of deceit that there was a gargantuan and growing “Hindu Terror” network in India.
Despite some officials revealing that they were tortured for refusing to hop onto the bandwagon of the mythmakers, despite affidavits having been forged or destroyed, despite records having been tampered with concerning Operation Hindu Terror, not a single official or politician (including the two Union Home Ministers and their yes-men within the official machinery) who worked 24/7 to concoct the fantasy that there was a “Hindu Terror” network in the country) has been investigated and made accountable by the present government. It is these individuals who sought to divert attention away from the ISI in the case of the Samjhauta blasts by blaming innocent people belonging to the majority community. Such a looking away from the need to bring to book the guilty brings back memories of the Cryogenic Engine Sabotage Operation, when innocent scientists were falsely accused of espionage by officials working (as either frank agents or as useful idiots) of a foreign intelligence agency seeking to sabotage India's cryogenic engine program. None of those who participated in the torture of innocent scientists have been disturbed, although some justice has been given to Nambinarayanan, who was among the victims of the operation carried out by local dupes and associates of a foreign intelligence agency.
Mahatma Gandhi forgave even Adolf Hitler, so saintly was the Father of the Nation. This government has adopted the saintly attitudes of the Mahatma by refusing to take action against the higher ups who carried out GHQ Rawalpindi's plan to defame a country and a community. Unless this group be exposed and punished, more such sabotage of the national interest as took place in the Cryogenic Engine Sabotage Operation or the Hindu Terror Operation will take place, weakening the country and damaging its reputation.

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