Friday 15 May 2015

Video: MD Nalapat on China-India cooperation (CCTV)

Studio interview: Importance of China-India cooperation
05-15-2015 13:02 BJT

For more on Prime Minister Modi's visit to China, I'm joined in the studio by Mr. Chen Mingming, a communications advisor at the foreign ministry, and Professor M. D. Nalapat in New Dehli. Welcome both.
Q1 Mr. Chen, let's talk about the prime minister's first stop in China. The welcome Prime Minister Modi received in Xian, bears similarities to the reception President Xi received in Modi’s home state of Gujarat. As a former ambassador, in your view, is this a sign of warming ties between the two nations?
Q2 Professor Nalapat, what are Indian expectations from the visit?
Q3 Mr. Chen, what can the two countries do to take the relationship further?
Q4 Professor Nalapat, China and India are two powerhouses in Asia. Why is it important for the two countries to work harmoniously together?

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