Thursday 6 November 2014

PM Modi’s reforms initiatives must for collaborative growth: Prof MD Nalapat (NitiCentral)

The Indian economy has transformed but many social problems remain to be adequately addressed. PM Modi and his Government, has a clear mandate  which is now working towards economic growth that benefits all. But when it comes to public services in the country, identifying and implementing the right solutions is a challenge.
Speaking to Niti Central, Professor MD Nalapat says the most important change that PM Modi has brought in peoples’ minds is that the Government who is not solely responsible for the country’s growth. People of the country need to be involved in the growth story to make a difference.
With possibilities of a makeover of the delivery system of services like education, health, urbanisation, Professor Nalapat adds that the structure of decision-making in India has been cumbersome since long. We need transparency in public services delivery system and procedures must be simplified. The colonial assumption that all wisdom is concentrated in the levers of power and authority, should be shunned. The Government needs to involve civil society to work out solutions, encourage citizens to come forward. A civil society with the right tools will help make India a super power.

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