Thursday 19 July 2018

Rahul Gandhi VS PM Modi Parliament Speech War On Friday Over No-Trust (NewsX)

Come tomorrow all eyes will be on the no confidence motion that will be taken up against the Modi Government-the first in 15 years. Since the numbers are firmly stacked in favour of the Bjp, its almost a given that the motion will be defeated. On the eve of the no confidence vote, we discuss why is it so crucial for both sides. While the bjp is using the opportunity to reach out to all its disgruntled allies and the pm will fully utilise the chance of launching into poll pitch from Lok Sabha. For the opposition it’s a unique chance to show a united face, to put the government on the mat on contentious issues like lynching, atrocities on Dalits and rise in money of Indians parked in Swiss banks and above all it will give congress president Rahul Gandhi a chance to display his oratory skills and match up to PM Modi. That’s our big debate on nation @9, will battle lines for 2019 be clearly drawn tomorrow and the stance of regional parties would be the big takeaway of the no confidence vote? Will this allow the NDA to drive home the point that despite the numbers it was the opposition that didn’t allow it to get down the legislative business and above all could it also show that BJP has some cracks within. 

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